Optimal Nutrition

The information I offer in this blog is anecdotal and based on my study, observation and experiences in practicing dentistry and healthcare for over 40 years. I offer it to all believing that with optimal nutrition the human body is designed to win and that optimal health is possible.

Optimal nutrition must address the health of the digestive tract where foods are properly broken down and absorbed. The enzymes all along the tract are essential to breaking down foods. If not broken down sufficiently these foods can become irritants to the digestive tract causing many problems.

Below are dietary recommendations that I follow and have had great benefit. It is my opinion that these recommendations can be beneficial to move towards optimal health of the digestive tract as well as resolving many health issues. I have seen patients improve significantly who have acid reflux, excessive weight, and blood pressure issues following these suggestions and have experienced the same for myself.

It is my recommendation to reduce and eliminate the following. I advise that you use these suggestions as a starting point but do your own research to validate to chart your course to optimal health.

Sugar (Sucrose)—     by itself or in any food. The body struggles to break down sucrose and over time it can lead to many health issues most importantly tooth decay and glucose intolerance as well as mess up gut bacteria. This is serious stuff. In my practice I see many patients who eat and approve of their children eating things like gummy bears, air heads and the like. The effects on teeth can be catastrophic. Tooth decay is very preventable. It is my belief that elevated sugar levels in the bloodstream can have direct negative effects in regard to cancer. I would advise all cancer patients to eliminate this from their diets. Cancer cells love sugar for their growth.

Wheat and grains including corn and oats–  much of today’s wheat and grain are engineered and artificial in many ways. Wheat can affect blood sugar similar to sucrose. I highly recommend avoiding wheat products such as bread, doughnuts (the worst), pasta, and cereal. This is very important as related to digestive health and blood sugar stability. Beer is a wheat product as well and can affect digestive issues.

Milk —  many people lack the enzyme lactase which breaks down lactose in sugar. This results in many digestive issues such as lactose intolerance.

Starches such as potatoes  —   these behave much like other sugars and can lead to blood sugar instability

Manufactured foods —  such as sodas be it with sugar or fake sugar, processed foods and meats. Read labels and eat natural foods. Diet drinks are very unhealthy in my opinion. The acidity in them can be very harmful to teeth and the digestive tract. The energy drinks with stimulants and sugar should be avoided like a plague.


What can you eat? — meats, seafood, pork, chicken, etc., grown without antibiotics or growth hormones.  Vegetables but not starches. Fruits but be careful if you are diabetic to monitor blood sugar and also if have cancer eat moderately or minimally. The sugar in fruit is fructose which the body can break down differently than sucrose and absorb properly and without spikes unlike sucrose. Eat fruit in whole form rather than juices not sugar added. Virgin olive oil can be heart healthy. Drink water as a beverage of choice.

What about cholesterol– It is my personal belief that the cholesterol issues are not properly understood and are often misrepresented.  I believe cardiac arterial disease is more inflammatory related and also the result of many bad manufactured foods we eat. My father had coronary bypass surgery. He was advised post op to eat margarine in place of butter and a lot of whole wheat for fiber. Margarine is horrible for the body. Wheat can create issues as well in my opinion. The results for him were a second bypass surgery 15 years later along with serious digestive issues. I think with better advice, that was avoidable.

I believe much cancer, heart disease, tooth decay and digestive issues are directly related to the manufactured foods we eat. I believe these foods harm the digestive tract and clog many of the body’s functions. We can change that dramatically in our diets and choose to become less dependent on medicines and treatments. I have witnessed this personally in my own health and in my over 40 years of practicing dentistry observing the patients I care for.

Let’s get healthier together starting today. Seek correct information. Be your own health advocate while seeking correct advice from reliable sources.    
















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