The Honor Project


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The Honor Project is a movement that promotes the positive effect that giving honor can have on the culture around us believing that honor is the tide that lifts all boats.

 The mission of The Honor Project is to create and promote a culture of honor with an awareness that all persons are created in the image of God. It is that image that we honor.

The motto of The Honor Project is – “Where there is darkness, light a candle.”      


Honor is the candle that The Honor Project lights in the darkness of the culture of disrespect.

To honor is defined as we intend as “to value and to hold in high esteem” whether that be people, ideas or beliefs.

We believe that when you give honor then honor is attracted.


Honor is commanded in scripture with a reward in return.

–          honor your father and mother so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God

is  giving you – Exodus 20:12

In our wedding vows we promise “to love and to honor for all the days of our lives.”


Honor begins with our Creator.

–      we were crowned with glory and honor – Hebrews 2:7


Honor moves the focus of our lives from ourselves to others. To yield in humility is to honor.


Levels of Humility –

–          submission

–          a willingness to sacrifice for another

–          a desire to serve another without personal preference or prior consideration of self interest.


Honor in action:

1)      Begin each day in prayer honoring the Creator and committing to the mission of honoring others.

2)      Do random acts of honor for family and friends.

3)      Take deliberate action each day holding others in high esteem to promote a culture of honor.

4)      At the end of each day reflect back on events to observe where you have given honor and where you might have been able to but did not.




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